Honesty? Honestly, the truth is…

People are so afraid to be honest. Yes, a statement, not a question. I am confused by this weird phenomenon. It is, to me anyway, so easy to be honest. I am sometimes brutally honest… only I feel that it is the least brutal thing I could do. Why? I’m glad you asked.

If you have ever been lied to about anything of significance, you may very well understand my reasoning. I consider myself honest and forthcoming. I don’t generally beat around the bush or try to hide things. With that said, I can compete and play mindless games if that is what the situation calls for. I like to think that I am open to change and an overall understanding and forgiving person; though I NEVER forget (suppress maybe, lol). People can use any excuse they need to lie, the list is endless. If you really care about someone, you could try saying “I don’t want to share right now” ß it’s the truth. Or better yet, “It’s none of your business”, unless of course it is their business. But the bottom line is avoidance is better than a lie, but know that the truth MUST come at some point or you will lose whatever or whomever you’re trying to protect. Lying is far more “brutal” than the truth. And if in fact the truth is going to hurt, maybe you should choose your actions wiser so you don’t have to justify or try to explain or backtrack. Everyone has regrets, but strive to never make someone regret you. The truth is if you feel the need to lie, it is because you have done something you shouldn’t have. Here’s more truth, Trust is the one thing that is easy to initially obtain, however, once it is lost or broken, it will undoubtedly be the hardest thing you will ever earn back in your lifetime (I can only assume this is so it will be rightfully cherished). It is also one thing that can never be fully restored to its once flawless state. I’m not saying you can’t recover from a lie, I’m saying that once you become a habitual offender, expect to be treated as so. Your word may be your most valuable asset and I wish that people care half as much about their word as they do their credit score.


Abort the Thought

I think that every individual woman and/or man should be able to decide to have an abortion. Why? I’m glad you asked.


Here are a few random thoughts I have on the subject. I think that it is a woman’s choice to give birth or not. The government should have no say one way or the other, unless of course they want to pay child support, baby sit, and send this child to college. Here’s the way I see it, if they’re not my baby daddy/momma then they don’t have a single choice in the matter.

I, also, don’t think that it should be left at the sole discretion of the woman. A child is a life changing event for the man as well. I think that the same way a woman can abort a child with no consent, a man should have a similar protection. A man takes the same risk when having sex that a woman does, so what does a man do if a woman gets pregnant and he isn’t ready? He is stuck raising a child that he didn’t have the option to abort. Then if he decides he’s not ready, then he becomes a deadbeat. Just so to be clear, I’m not condoning deadbeats or running out on your child, I’m just saying that what is a man to do if HE wants an abortion and she doesn’t. WE all know what happens when she wants one even if he doesn’t. There should be a way for a man to be relieved of his parental rights… because that is essentially what an abortion is for a woman.

The Heart

The heart sometimes bruises, not a purple or blue bruise, but one of those ugly green ones you don’t even know you have until someone touches it. These you see take the longest to heal, no band-aid or gauze will work… only time, except that even time doesn’t heal all, only acts as a thin shield that can be broken with a single memory or thought. Once the shield is broken, it’s as if it’s brand new, an open wound, waiting to heal again but knowing that it will never truly heal…

It’s a Set Up


I think that life is a constant set up, be it for success or failure, and is up to you. I would like to say that this thought comes from porn and romance movies… why? I’m glad you asked.

I think that romance movies set women up for the okie doke. Women believe that their significant other should act this way or treat her this way or be thoughtful like this or whatever. When I watch movies, I never think about the fact that it’s scripted or that someone has taken months (possibly years!) to create this perfect story, rather I look at Chris like, “You jerk, why can’t you be like that!” When reality is that it just doesn’t work like that every single day and when he chooses to be awesome, he is phenomenal.

On the other hand, I think that porn sets men up for constant disappointment. 1st of all, most women are not that flexible, haha. Secondly, it’s rare that both partners will climax at the exact same time…  Third of all… we don’t scream and moan because of your mere presences, it takes a little more than that. Fourth, no woman (I mean it) is going to let you ram your penis into her anus (or mouth)!! NOT GONNA HAPPEN!!!  And lastly, we’re just not into you cuming on our faces (LMAO).

So I say that these romance movies and porn set folks up for failure, while they’re fun to watch and imagine it could be real, keep in mind that all of them are actors and paid to perform to your liking. With that in mind every now and then buy flowers for no reason, dance in the rain, and she may let you, um, yeah… probably not but worth a try, right?

Hey Y’all

Oh what fun this will be 🙂 Hold on tight to your seats because this is going to be a wild ride. Simply put, these are the random (and sometimes off the wall) thoughts that come to me through out the day. I suggest mature audiences only, some content may not be suitable for children, parent discretion is advised.