Abort the Thought

I think that every individual woman and/or man should be able to decide to have an abortion. Why? I’m glad you asked.


Here are a few random thoughts I have on the subject. I think that it is a woman’s choice to give birth or not. The government should have no say one way or the other, unless of course they want to pay child support, baby sit, and send this child to college. Here’s the way I see it, if they’re not my baby daddy/momma then they don’t have a single choice in the matter.

I, also, don’t think that it should be left at the sole discretion of the woman. A child is a life changing event for the man as well. I think that the same way a woman can abort a child with no consent, a man should have a similar protection. A man takes the same risk when having sex that a woman does, so what does a man do if a woman gets pregnant and he isn’t ready? He is stuck raising a child that he didn’t have the option to abort. Then if he decides he’s not ready, then he becomes a deadbeat. Just so to be clear, I’m not condoning deadbeats or running out on your child, I’m just saying that what is a man to do if HE wants an abortion and she doesn’t. WE all know what happens when she wants one even if he doesn’t. There should be a way for a man to be relieved of his parental rights… because that is essentially what an abortion is for a woman.


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