What if the grass isn’t greener?

Life is funny sometimes. Not in a comical way but in an ironic way that makes you shake your head and question your judgment. Why? I’m glad you asked…


You see there are times when you know exactly what to do and say, which direction to go and who you should go with. There are other times when you, frankly, don’t have a damn clue. First I will say that I have no advice on this matter because as much as I would like to use the cliché “follow your heart” sometimes, your heart sucks! If you follow your heart you usually end up broken hearted and your brain is tapping its foot saying “duh!” But following your brain can leave you old and bitter. I am hoping that during this “writing” I can clarify things for myself.

If one follows their heart, are they being true to themselves? Are there ulterior motives to relationships that are never spoken of? Is great sex enough? What is enough? Are your needs being met? Physically & Mentally & Spiritually? What if money isn’t an issue, is it easier? All I’m saying is that IF human are meant to be monogamous, then shouldn’t you do that with your true other half? What is a true half? These are the questions that no one can answer but you.

Now, let’s say that you have successfully answered all the above questions, now what? What if your relationship sucks? Well, do you break up a seemingly happy home to be “happy”? If it’s breakable, is it even happy? What if you’re miserable, do you run? What if you’re still unsure? What happens if you burn a perfectly ‘ok’ bridge? Do kids change anything?

Should you approach a relationship like a business transaction? Not necessarily about money rather a trade or bartering deal… I give you this you give me that?

All that I’m saying is think with your brain, it’s what it’s made for. Love with your heart and try like hell to keep your head above water. But in the end all you can do is try and succeed or try and fail.


4 comments on “What if the grass isn’t greener?

  1. Leena says:

    this is the story of my life…

  2. Follow neither your heart nor your head. Instead, follow your soul.

  3. Loro says:


    have been following! Thanks… : )

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