Is it cheating?

So there was an interesting topic brought up last night. We were discussing penis molds. I’m thinking that if you mold another man’s (not your significant other’s) penis, that it’s the same as cheating. Why? I’m glad you asked.

If you are using a “homemade” penis, that is; one that is made from a mold, is it cheating? I think that it definitely pushes the envelope. If you are using a random manufactured dildo or vibrator, I think that’s ok. If you are using another man’s penis, that’s a stab to your current man. It’s like saying his penis isn’t good enough to mold, but this other guy’s (whew!) is perfect. Ouch! So, do you just say you bought it? Or hope that he doesn’t rifle through your “personal” items enough to notice? Or just don’t do it? Thoughts? Feelings? Opinions? I know, I know, you’re glad I asked, right?


3 comments on “Is it cheating?

  1. nicolepear says:

    Mixed feelings bout this one! But you only live once right!

  2. Leena says:

    I’d say cheating. I wouldn’t want my husband making a mold of another woman’s vagina and fucking it :-/

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